Suicidal Urban Riders ‘DOOMED’ Cycling Cap

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About ‘Suicidal Urban Riders’ Strava Group:

“You have a secret death-wish…

To all crazy urban cyclists who ride like maniacs, EVERYDAY in the big cities full of cars and pedestrians that you NEVER respect.


You are an asshole.
You have crashed a few times.
You ignore all traffic lights, one way streets, road signs, pavement.
You listen to music with headphones.
You scare the shit out of pedestrians who insult you.
You give the middle finger to anyone who complain or honk.
You don’t necessarily wear a helmet.
You chase KOM in the city.
You ride crazy fast.
Death ride: doomed.
Pain suffering insanity.”

–Suicidal Urban Riders

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Suicidal Urban Riders ‘DOOMED’ Cycling Cap

This cycling cap is one-size-fits-most. Screen printed, 100% cotton, 4-panel cycling cap with an incorporated sweat-band for extra comfort.

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