Bello Cyclist™ Courier Cotton Cycling Cap

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Bello Cyclist™ Courier Cotton Cycling Cap

This 3-panel cap features a “COURIER.” text print on black, 100% soft cotton. A black, elastic sweatband incorporated for better comfort and hygiene and provide with inner lining.

One size fits most. (56-59cm)

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Bello Cyclist™ Courier Cotton Cycling Cap

If you like the the sweet smell of petrol, the blissful exhaustion whilst out and about in the bustling city delivering your lunch bag to work or catching up with mates in the park whilst carrying a large amount of brewery products, than you are very familiar with the life of a bicycle messenger/courier, who does this all day long and more. Perhaps they limp on foot as walking gets heavy off the bike. Pedals grown deep inside their feet. Lack of office politics. The exhilaration of pedalling rapidly through the city, filtering between stationary cars and weaving through the lines of moving traffic. The mindlessness of the work, the absolute focus on the body in movement. It’s a drug. Once you’re in, hard to get out.

Life of a COURIER.


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