PLAYTIME Cycling Cap by Jake Brewer

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‘PLAYTIME’ Cycling Cap by Jake Brewer

This 3-panel cap features a doodle style print on white, soft 100% cotton textile. A black, elastic sweatband incorporated for better comfort and hygiene – One size fits most. (56-59cm)

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‘PLAYTIME’ Cycling Cap by Jake Brewer

Idea: Remembering the fun we all had as a kid on our bikes – plain and simple. Now, after work, before work or at the weekends, you still jump on your bike when it’s time to play.
Process: Sketching and 95% of shapes/colouring done in Adobe Fresco on the iPad. Layout and final adjustments in Illustrator, retaining the imperfections in order to keep a playful, natural and child-like feel.

From the designer:

Jake Brewer is a Capetonian designer/illustrator and letterer with many years’ experience working with well-known agencies and clients in London, Cape Town and Toronto. He loves a hands-on approach to his projects and is fortunate to have worked with Google, RedBull, BBC Studios, GoApe, Salomon athlete Ryan Sandes and Camden Town Brewery amongst others. He spends his time away from the desk either riding bikes or running the trails (sometimes silly distances).

“I’ve always wanted to design a cycling cap and working with Bello was a lot of fun!”

More of Jake’s work:

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