RIOT1394 x Bello Cycling Cap

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RIOT1394 x Bello Cycling Cap

Printed on 100% cotton.

A black, elastic sweatband incorporated for better comfort and hygiene – One size fits most. (56-59cm) – Need a different size? Please leave a note with your requirement during checkout.

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RIOT1394 x Bello Cycling Cap

About the designer:


“Graffiti artist and illustrator born in 1988 in a small town in western Austria. I have been working and living in Berlin for 11-12 years. I am self-taught and have been drawing since I can hold a pen. At the age of 15, I discovered my love for graffiti and letters and have been experimenting ever since. My influences don’t come from HIPHOP as with many but rather from punk, electronic music, underground comix and trash movies.

Figurative elements mix with abstract and classical graffiti elements. Contrasts whether in colour, technique or theme are very important to me in my works. I would like to get the viewer to stop and invite him/her into my detailed worlds. For this exhibition I worked on a number of new works. With mixed technique I try to connect my two worlds of drawing on paper and spraying on the wall. With spray can, airbrush, acrylic and marker I show an insight into my world full of expressive grimaces, graffitis and other elements. Reduced in colour, I would like to test the tension and the boundaries between the different techniques.” –

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